Baby Clothes Wardrobe Giftbox

lovely cousins

My cousin Maggie is having a baby!  She’s due to have Brodie at the end of November. I can’t wait to meet him, but first things first. We have to first shower her with gifts! Her shower was last weekend, and me and the TR crew all pitched in and got lots of gifts for Brodie, including lots and lots of clothes. Instead of stuffing clothes in a gift bag or box, I have the cutest way to display your baby clothes gift.

wardrobe and birdhouse

It’s perfect for a shower or a baby’s birthday, and it’s super simple: build a wardrobe.   All you need is a long cardboard box, a 3/8″ wooden rod (you can get one at any craft store), some paint, an X-Acto knife (or scissors), doll house knobs (or buttons, beads, hooks, or any small charm will work), and a hot glue gun.

wardrobe supplies

First, cut off the two short flaps off the box. If your box is long enough, you can use the flaps to create a small shoe shelf at the bottom of the box by just gluing or taping the cardboard on the inside of the box, about 3 or 4 inches from the bottom. If your box is too short, that’s ok (mine was).

wardrobe remove tabwardrobe removed tab

Next, add the rod for hanging. Measure 6 inched from the top of the box, and the halfway point of the depth of the box. You want to make sure you mark in the same spot on both ends of the box so the rod is level. Once you mark both sides of the box with a pen, cut an X over the marks with your X-Acto knife.

wardrobe score side

Now, you will be able to push the rod through the cut X and through to the other side. If your rod is too long, mark  where you need to trim the rod, take it out of the box, and score and cut it.

wardrobe before paint

You can score the rod with a shape knife, saw, or I used scissors. (It was dark outside, and I was too lazy to venture out in the shed for the hand saw. I utilized Matt’s man-strength to do it with scissors).

wardrobe rod

All the hard stuff is over. Now for the fun of decorating! I Let my sister take over with the decorating for Maggi’s wardrobe box. Nancy first spray painted the box green (inside and out). She then used a round sponge brush to add some yellow polka dots and swirls.

wardrobe dots wardrobe swirls

We used tiny wooden knobs we found at the craft store, painted them yellow, and hot glued them on for the wardrobe’s handles. You can paint and decorate the wardrobe however you like. If you have time, two toned paint might be nice to mimic the look of beveled wood. You could also use some craft stickers or ribbons to jazz it up.

wardrobe filled wardrobe shoes wardrobe wardrobe 2

Everyone loved the wardrobe. It’s such an easy way to make your gift stand out, and it’s always a hit. Give it a shot the next time you give a gift of baby clothes, and let me know how it goes!

Maggi and Wardrobe

Beautiful Bow Necklace by Elle & V

Bow Necklace

Isn’t my bow necklace awesome? I got it a few weeks ago, when my friends Caroline and Sarah and I ventured up to NYC for some brunch, shopping, and much needed girl time.  We shopped at lots of places, But The Market NYC on Bleeker Street is one of my favorite places.

The Market NYC

The Market NYC is an indoor market filled with artists and their hand crafted works. Jewelry, apparel, fabrics, dolls and toys, beads and crafts, bath and body products, pottery, art, the variety is endless and every piece is unique. I found my new favorite piece of jewelry, and new favorite jewelry designer there.

The Market NYC

I was perusing the Market looking for something pretty and delicate I could wear every day when I came across Selah Michelle’s stand, Elle & V. Her stand had exactly what I was looking for. Selah describes her jewelry as a mix between chic and boho; dainty pieces that you can wear everyday and layer with other jewelry. It was just my style. There were such lovely pieces, including a bow bracelet. I loved the idea of a silver bow. It was simple and elegant, but I only wished it were a necklace rather than a bracelet. She offered to let me order a bow necklace online, or if I wanted to wait a minute she’d change the chain and make the bracelet a necklace right then and there.

I couldn’t walk away without the bow! It was just too pretty, so I chatted with Selah a bit while I waited. She is an absolute sweetheart. She didn’t try to pressure me into buying anything or try to get me to buy more than I wanted (I hate when people do that). She did answer my questions and talk to me about the market, the city, and things to do at the shore (my neck of the woods).

I found out that she is from California but went to school for jewelry design and gemology, bringing her to New York. She’s a graduate jeweler and diamond grader who received her diplomas from The Gemological Institute of America. All of Selah’s jewelry is  handmade made with 14k gold fill, vermeil and sterling silver. On her site, it states that “the high-end jewelry line is sprinkled with hints of inspiration from the designer’s travels through the markets of Morocco, the villages of Latin America, the mountains of New Zealand, and most recently the bountifully cultural streets of Manhattan.” I can definitely see the different influences in her work.


Her personal favorite pieces are the hammered bar necklace and the long druzy necklaces (worn together, of course). Her necklaces are perfect for layering, and for an indecisive person like me, it’s nice to layer all your favorite necklaces together! I wear my Elle & V necklace almost every day. The bow falls perfectly on my collar bone, and looks so pretty on. It really does go with anything! Sometimes I forget to take it off in the shower or before bed, but it hasn’t tarnished or broken and looks as beautiful as it was the day I got it.

Selfie for the sake of my bow!

Check out Selah’s website and online store at I can’t wait to shop some more for myself and for some beautiful gifts. I already know which pieces I want next…and which I’ll be hinting to Matt to get for me 😉

Labor Day Luau Cake

It’s only Wednesday, and I’m already missing my Labor day off. The long weekend was both fun and restful, with boat rides, BBQs and pool time. My Aunt Roe had a BBQ on Sunday for the holiday, and I was in charge of bringing a dessert. My cousin Cretia gave me the idea to make a hula dancer cake, and I’ve been itching to have a reason to make it for weeks now! I decided she was a good cake for our end of summer Labor Day celebrations.

Her directions were to use an 8” square cake, a 9” round cake, and a 9”x13” rectangle cake. Making those sizes would require about 2 boxes of cake mix (1 box for the large rectangle, another for the square and circle). I did not have those size pans, so I improvised. I used 6” square, 8” square, and 5” round pans and only 1 box cake mix.  (I think as long as you have a variety of pan sizes, you could bend the rules a bit and make the design work with any size pans).

Use what you've got!

After the cakes are cooled, use a serrated knife to cut the body shapes out of the square cakes. I found it easier to place the cakes in a line and cut out an hourglass shape. 

Make her curvy :)

Then, use the leftover triangles for the arms and legs and assemble the body. I trimmed some of the cake to make her look less angular.The left arm isn't trimmed yet in this pic, but I trimmed off the corners.

Now time to frost! Frosting this cake is the hardest part, especially around the edges where you’ve cut. Use flesh colored food coloring from Wilton. You can get them at Michael’s or A.C. Moore. As you can see, some dope in my house mixed the caps up on my food coloring, so my hula dancer came out looking like she had a really bad, Velveeta cheese, spray tan experience. (For the record, I am that dope).

She made me crave Mac & Cheese after this…but I’m still dieting!

I let my nieces take over from here with the decorating. We cut strips of blue and yellow Fruit Roll-Ups and twirled them for the skirt, and used strips of orange and red roll-ups for her hair and Froot Loops for her eyes. Jenna even though to put one eye “a little under her hair so it’s like her hair is in her eyes.”Time to decorate!

Her coconut bra is made of thin mints and Twizzlers, and some slivered almonds were scattered throughout her skirt and used to make a bracelet. Her nose is the tip of a marshmallow ice cream candy, and we had her hold the rest of the candy.

The artists

This was such a fun cake for me and the kids, and at the end of our BBQ, she was eaten all up! Our cake came out cute, Cretia’s came out even cuter! Thanks Crea!

Texas Craft House

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