Life with Jack

Oh wow; babies are exhausting! I know you’re supposed to know that, but I don’t think the fact can ever be truly appreciated until you actually have your own baby. See I have plenty of baby experience thanks to my nieces and nephew, but I was always able to return them at the end of the night. This new parent thing is totally different.

Jack's first bath

I never in a million years thought that I’d be unfazed by someone peeing, pooping, and/or puking on me, but I haven’t thought twice about cupping my hands to catch whatever might get squirted at me. Sure I’ve changed some gross diapers, but it was always gross. To really not care that my shoulder smells like spit-up, my hand has been pooped on, and my baby just peed across the room is an Angela who never occurred to me would exist even just two months ago.

Mr. Man

In my head, babies slept all the time. So I’d change and feed him, but I’d have time to clean my house or rest or maybe even read a magazine. Oh what a fool I was! Babies are more than a full time job. Especially colic babies. Many nights he’s up for hours crying. It’s a pretty helpless feeling when he’s crying and nothing at all makes him feel better. What works one night doesn’t necessarily work the next. I’ve even altered my own diet to see if that eases some discomfort for him. So far, it hasn’t. I think he has reflux too. My poor baby!

The weirdest thing about being a new mom isn’t the all-nighters or the sloppy clean-ups. It’s how much those things don’t bother me at all. I love it. I always loved kids, but babies were too much for me. The fussing, the helplessness, the fragility, it was all too intimidating. How would I even know what to do? But I love that I know how to soothe him, that I am responsible for taking care of him, that he is safe in my arms. It all came second nature.

People tell you “sleep while baby is sleeping.” Instead I often just watch him sleep.  I’m told I shouldn’t spoil him by holding him too much or rocking him too much or letting him fall asleep in my arms. But there’s part of my head that panics because I know that in a few years it’ll be a fight to get a hug from him. So I let him snuggle and I dance around with him in my arms.


This little man has also made a change in Matt. To see him dote over our baby has made me fall in love with him all over again. He can calm Jack when no one else can, not even me. Sometimes Jack will stop crying the second he is in Matt’s arms. I think every woman finds nothing more attractive than a man loving his child.

Matt and Jack

I’m trying to enjoy my baby now while I’m home. Even though I still have some time off, I get myself upset thinking of going back to work. I guess every mom goes through the feeling. It doesn’t make the feeling any easier. I’m hoping that by the time I have to go back I’ll at least be more comfortable with leaving him.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to finish his nursery, start his scrapbook, and get as much snuggle time in as possible!

Giacomo’s First Photo Shoot with Moments by Marie

Giacomo's Christmas Card Giacomo's Announcement

Anyone that knows me knows I love taking pictures and scrapbooking. I may not be the best photographer, but I try. Giacomo already has been photographed like crazy. Matt and I were both 3rd children (so not as new and exciting as first born children) who were born waaaaay before taking photos was as easy as pulling out your cell phone. So neither of us have many newborn baby pictures. In fact, the few I have of myself my face is obscured by a giant pacifier. I wanted lots of pictures of my baby, so I’ve been snapping away.

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As much as I pretend I’m a great photographer, I enlisted a professional for Giacomo’s birth announcement. I hired my friend Marie to take Giacomo’s birth announcement photos. For two years, Marie has been photographing newborns, infants, children, and families, and she’s AMAZING at what she does! I always stalk out her Facebook page to OoOo and AhHhHh at her work. I especially love her newborn photography, so she was the first person who came to mind when we wanted to make Giacomo’s announcement.

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Marie generally takes newborn photos between 6 and 10 days after the baby is born, when babies are at their snuggliest.  The baby photo shoot was in our home, and Marie came armed with blankets, backdrops, swaddlers, hats, and props galore.  My baby was always comfortable and looked adorable.

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I could not be happier with Giacomos newborn pictures. Marie is such a talented photographer, and her work will give my family memories of such a fleeting time in our baby’s life. He has already changed so much since the photoshoot, but now we will always have these tangible, beautiful reminders of how tiny, sweet, and new he was.

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I can’t get over how great these pictures are, and I think the photos speak for themselves!

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Be sure to like Marie on Facebook at if you’re interested in booking Marie, or if you just want to oogle at some adorable baby photos.

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A Wonderful 2014: Welcome to the World Giacomo!

Happy New Year! Time for resolutions and optimistic attitudes. I almost stuck to my wreath resolution from last year, and I’m proud that I made it as far as I did! I’ll cut myself some slack for not finishing the last few months wreaths. The last leg of pregnancy gave me swollen hands and terrible carpal tunnel anyway.  All together I had a wonderful year. I saw my favorite singer, went to Disneyland, pulled an awesome prank on my mom, Matt earned his PhD and I pulled off a surprise party to celebrate it, met my favorite band, shared Lilu’s big announcement, and was super surprised at my baby shower. To end the year, this was the greatest December ever. Matt and I started dating on December 12, 2000, and exactly 14 years later, December 12, 2014, we brought our son Giacomo Michael Niepielko into the world.

Sleeping Mister Man Mommy's Little Guy

On December 10th I was admitted into the hospital to induce labor. I was past my due date, and my doctor does not allow patients to go too far past their dates to avoid complications like macrosomia and mecronium ingestion .  After 2 days (and lots of TV and Clue for entertainment) I still was not dilated at all, and we decided on a C-section.


I won’t lie, I was terrified. I’ve had surgery before, but the idea of being cut open is never easy to deal with, but having a doctor I trust and a husband who is so supportive calmed me. That is until the hospital fire alarm went off minutes before I went into surgery. Just my luck.

First Family Photo My 2 loves

Eventually I got into the operating room. The whole experience was surreal and super fast. It started with the spinal, which was super uncomfortable but only lasted a second. Them my legs got warm and tingly, and eventually I couldn’t feel them at all. I laid down, a curtain was put up, and Matt was allowed in to be with me. The rest happened so fast. I remember the doctors talking to each other casually, which actually made me really at ease. If they could talk so freely, then everything was looking normal on the other side of the curtain.

My Little Jack

Then all of a sudden the anesthesiologist told Matt to look over the curtain and tell me who was kicking me this whole time. “It’s a male,” Matt finally said, and the room starting laughing at his scientific terminology. The nurse brought him around for me to see, “Oh look at my Mister Man!” I blurted out, and I’ve been calling him that ever since.

Ready to go home!

It’s so amazing. I was worried that I wouldn’t feel like a mom, or that instant connection people talk about. I was sure I wouldn’t feel it. I’m really not sentimental and often during my pregnancy I actually would forget that I was pregnant. But I did feel it. It’s overwhelming how instantly altered I became. Love at first sight is absolutely a real thing!

Lilu meets Giacomo

Texas Craft House

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