At the Movie Theater Concession Stand Halloween Costumes

Halloween is over all ready. November 1 starts my unofficial boycott of Christmas. Not that I have anything against Christmas. I love it! But I’m sure like many others, I like to enjoy the fall and Thanksgiving, rather than rush into the holiday. It gets old by the time December 25th comes around.

So my boycott begins by again dwelling on Halloween. This year we were “At the Movie Theater Concession Stand.” The weather was beautiful this year. Jack joined in with Trick-or-Treating with his older cousins. I think he enjoyed the walking better than the candy, although he did dip into his bucket a few times during the walk. I took Daisy along too. Her costume was so good, most people didn’t even know she was there!



Like last year, I made costumes for almost everyone so we could walk as a theme.  I based the theme off Daisy’s costume: the popcorn bucket. I saw a version of it on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do it months ago, but my version was a bit more extreme. My version was made with a felt blanket I painted as a popcorn bucket using stencils I made from my Cricut. I used tissue paper as the popcorn and glued it to the blanket and to a baby hat for daisy. I just wrapped the blanket around Daisy’s carrier and tucked it in the sides. Her little head stuck out but was covered with the popcorn hat. I put on some 3D glasses and it looked like I was just walking around with a giant tub of popcorn at the movies.



Jack went as a movie ticket and Matt was the Box Office Ticket collector, both costumes made with cardboard, Cricut cut vinyl, paint, and ribbon. The “over the shoulder” type costume was good for Jack because it was easy to put on and take off when he was fussy.



The rest of my nieces and nephew also joined the theme. I made 3 of their 6 costumes. I made Laila a cardboard Kit-Kat bar costume (I have a lot of cardboard on hand between boxes of diapers and wipes.) Olivia was Button candy, made with an old dress and painted Styrofoam balls. Myla was our cup of Coca-Cola, made from a small hamper, craft paper, paint, and vinyl. I especially liked her straw hat (complete with “Diet,” “Regular,” and “Other” buttons).



The store bought costumes were cute too – Craig was also popcorn, Angelina was an M&M, and Jenna was Nerds. I think we made a really cute concession stand!


Simple Halloween Wreath

This week has been one of the most emotionally, physically, and mentally draining weeks of my life. One day I’ll be able to write about it with enough composure for a public blog, but in the meantime I’ll share my other stress coping mechanism: crafting of course. I made a very simple light up wreath for Halloween.


I started with a black wreath and wrapped it with berry garland. The berries are orange, black and purple, and some are glittery. I made sure all the berries were arranged towards the front of the wreath.

You could keep the wreath just like this, but I found these LED lights in the floral section. They have a lot of different colors (and I might have stocked up on a variety), so I used purple for the wreath.

One strand of the lights are not long enough to wrap around the wreath, so instead I only kept the lights to the front of the wreath by threading the lights around the berry garland.

I hid the switch in the back and it’s all finished.

I could definitely add to this, but I haven’t decided what yet. Maybe I’ll cut some cute things out with my Cricut, but in the meantime it’s ready to go.

I couldn’t go all out with the Halloween decorating, partly because of a hectic life but mostly because we are going to be on vacation for Halloween. That’s my other crafting project. I’ve been making costumes for everyone. My parents, nieces and nephew, Matt, the baby, and I are all going to be characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. When I’m finished all be posting the costumes. We’re going to Florida and will be in Disney for Halloween. It’s the only time of year adults are allowed to dress up in the park. I am so excited! I’ve been having such a great time making the costumes not to mention that I definitely could use a vacation!

Have Your Pumpkin Forever! Carve Foam Pumpkins with a Hot Knife

Welcome Halloween!

On the way to Halloween! I finally finished decorating. I wonder how long my spider webs will last before my cat eats them all…Unfortunately a basement flood (and not even from Sandy) ruined a lot of my outdoor decor. That’s okay, though. That just means at the end of the season I can go nuts and get what’s on sale.


Last year, Matt and I carved some foam pumpkins. We figured it’d be less messy and we could keep them forever. We used the same tools that came with a regular carving kit. We Carved a haunted house and a werewolf. This year, I discovered the hot knife tool.

Hot Knife

The hot knife made foam pumpkin carving one hundred times easier.

Wtch with the Hot Knife

The hot knife is an electrically heated blade, and you can find it in the wood crafting section of the craft store. I actually had to go to Michael’s twice to get the hot knife because it was sold out the first time.

Fixing up the werewolf!

 The knife cuts through the foam like butter, and the edges are nice and smooth. I even went back and cleaned up last year’s foam pumpkins.

Before and after - fixing last year's pumpkins with the hot knife

Make sure you have a glass cutting board to cut on, just in case you drop the knife. (You won’t burn glass). First cut out the hole in the bottom for the battery candle. Cut a little smaller than you think. You want the candle to be snug, plus you can always cut more out but you can’t put the foam back.

Carve a circle for your candle

Tape your pattern to the pumpkin and use the scoring tools to score the pattern onto the pumpkin.

Score Pattern

Carve the pattern with the hot knife. Don’t use a sawing motion, just guide the knife across the pattern.


Now I want to  carve more foam pumpkins! I was thinking of doing our home address and/or our last name for outside.

 Happy Halloween!

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