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When Daisy turned 1 in September, I went through Baby Box. I arranged some photos of my pregnancy and Daisy through the year, collected a few crafts we (or really I) made with her little finger and footprints, and saved my most favorite of her tiny newborn clothes. The whole process is very bittersweet. You love seeing your baby grow, learn, and become a real person, but miss the tiny baby sounds and snuggles of infancy and wish time would slow just a little. I did the same with Jack. Their boxes are very much the same, except Daisy’s has a notable addition I wish I had for Giacomo’s. When Daisy was a newborn, we made her a Baby Guest Book.

Daisy's Guestbooks

When Giacomo was born, I took photos of him with every person who came to visit. Those photos were taken with my nice SLR camera and are saved out in the digital world. I did the same with Daisy, but I took it one step further and made the guest book by taking photos with a Fujufilm Instax Mini I borrowed from my niece for an instant picture and having each visitor write a little message for her. Some messages were as simple and sweet as “welcome to the world. I personally loved when children visited and left doodles (including a traced foot) and cute messages like “nice to meet you.” Then there were the longer notes that brought tears to my eyes, and one day they’ll do the same for Daisy. My family is big, so the books filled up quickly and now Daisy has a tangible (not digital) keepsake from each visitor she had the first few days she was born.

Some notes for Daisy


I wanted the photos to be protected by a cover sheet, so I bought 2 small 4×6 photobooks from Micheals. I cut white cardstock to 4×6 squares and filled each page with a blank square. After each photo was taken, I attached it to a 4×6 square with photo corners. Because the Instax photo is so small, there was ample room for a message next to the photo. I knew Daisy was going to be a girl and her name would be Daisy, so I designed the book covers to reflect her name and added some daisy stickers to the pages. For this baby, I will make the cover after we are home. I’ll also add some colored paper and maybe some decals within the book.

Simple Supplies


I got the idea from one of my girlfriends. Her book is styled a little differently than mine, but anyone can take the guestbook and run with it however s/he wants. For example, my girlfriend used a pretty journal instead of a photobook so the person writing had more space (and lines) for a message. I went to Micheal’s yesterday to get the materials for the books, and there are TONS of options for personal journals and books that can easily be used for this, so head out and make your keepsake!

Giacomo’s First Photo Shoot with Moments by Marie

Giacomo's Christmas Card Giacomo's Announcement

Anyone that knows me knows I love taking pictures and scrapbooking. I may not be the best photographer, but I try. Giacomo already has been photographed like crazy. Matt and I were both 3rd children (so not as new and exciting as first born children) who were born waaaaay before taking photos was as easy as pulling out your cell phone. So neither of us have many newborn baby pictures. In fact, the few I have of myself my face is obscured by a giant pacifier. I wanted lots of pictures of my baby, so I’ve been snapping away.

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As much as I pretend I’m a great photographer, I enlisted a professional for Giacomo’s birth announcement. I hired my friend Marie to take Giacomo’s birth announcement photos. For two years, Marie has been photographing newborns, infants, children, and families, and she’s AMAZING at what she does! I always stalk out her Facebook page to OoOo and AhHhHh at her work. I especially love her newborn photography, so she was the first person who came to mind when we wanted to make Giacomo’s announcement.

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Marie generally takes newborn photos between 6 and 10 days after the baby is born, when babies are at their snuggliest.  The baby photo shoot was in our home, and Marie came armed with blankets, backdrops, swaddlers, hats, and props galore.  My baby was always comfortable and looked adorable.

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I could not be happier with Giacomos newborn pictures. Marie is such a talented photographer, and her work will give my family memories of such a fleeting time in our baby’s life. He has already changed so much since the photoshoot, but now we will always have these tangible, beautiful reminders of how tiny, sweet, and new he was.

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I can’t get over how great these pictures are, and I think the photos speak for themselves!

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Be sure to like Marie on Facebook at if you’re interested in booking Marie, or if you just want to oogle at some adorable baby photos.

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