Find Joy in Spring

Tulips lucky enough to avoid the jaws of squirrels

When I started this blog, it was a space for me to pull happiness into the world. In real life, I am not nearly as upbeat and positive as I wish I was. I am actually very cynical, suspicious, and I expect the worst in most situations, but I am trying my best to be more positive. That is why it was so important to me that My Asterisk Life stayed a positive space. Even if no one ever reads a single post, I know whatever I have floating around is happy and safe. Life is really hard. There are terrible and tragic things happening every day, and I want a place to escape.

But over the last year I worried, is it even appropriate to have a happy space? The world seemed to be saying no. Even if I did want to use my blog as a space to reflect on the sadness of the last year, I couldn’t. Some people have the natural ability to articulate their feelings. They can beautifully put into words the pain they feel, and when we read their works we feel a connection. We relate to their pain, we understand where they are coming from, we may feel satisfied knowing we are not alone. I am not one of those people. When I am sad, I am at a loss for words. Nothing comes out and everything is blank. Or, even worse, if something does come out I say the wrong thing. I say the first idea that has come into my head without articulating the nuance of my sadness. Then I am overanalyzing and over thinking my descriptions, worried I have made someone else upset or have come off as stupid. So no, I won’t write sad things, or at least if I do I will try my best to find he light in the sadness (“If there’s a shadow in your life then there’s sunshine”).

My birthday is tomorrow. I’ll be entering the new bracket when I fill out my age in surveys. The actual “middle age.” My life is different than what I thought it would be by now, but I like it. I am blessed. I am learning new things about myself. I am finding out how complicated it is to be human. To be happy and sad and fulfilled and yearning and anxious and worried and content and curious and excited all at once. It’s a complicated beautiful thing this life we have.

I’d like to continue to share with you some things I find beautiful. Like my sweet Mama’s recipes, adventures with my family, crafting trial and errors, and some other musings I have. I’ll start with my flowers who have bloomed this spring in spite of the bunnies and squirrels digging up and eating the bulbs of their neighbors. The hyacinths are my favorites because they smell so amazing. I with they’d last a little longer before toppling over. Thank you for reading so far! I hope the rest of your day is filled with joy.

The sweet smells of spring

Deck the Halls!

My parents just came back from Disney with my nieces and nephew, and their Disney trip gave us some early holiday cheer that warmed all our hearts. They take the kids to Disney every year. Usually they go during the summer, but this year the trip was postponed to the Christmas season. They always drive down, and as they passed through Virginia they stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner. When they asked for their check, the waitress told them their bill was anonymously paid for by another customer, with just a simple message to be passed along: “God bless you and your well behaved grandchildren.”  What a wonderful way to start a trip! It’s so nice to know that there are still sweet people out there.


They brought me back this ornament, which I think is the cutest thing ever! I love Alice, tea, and Christmas ornaments; this was the most awesome souvenir I have ever received! Matt and I decorated for Christmas this past weekend. Lights are up, the village is out, tree is decorated, and halls are officially decked for Christmas!


This year I also got pretty crafty with my friend Sara. We each and created a Noel feature using wooden wall letters N, E, and L and a wreath/wreath ball as the O in Noel.Image

We painted the letters and decorated them with my Cricut machine.


Sara used a wreath and accented it with a horse cutout from the Cricut Quilted Christmas Cartridge. I used the wreath ball and fed some lights through the inside of the ball.


You could also fill the ball with tinsel, garland, holly leaves, small ornaments, or small holiday figurines.


 I think they’re adorable, if I do say so myself! Sara was also thinking that we could vary the wreath displays (using words like Joy, Love, or Mom).


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