2015 Stanley Cup Finals: Ang vs. Matt

Okay, I lied. I said I would only root for Kane once every 4 years during the Olympics. But that was when I thought the Rangers were going to the finals with the Blackhawks. Now that I’m only half right, I can proudly wear my Kane shirt and cheer GO BLACKHAWKS, much to my husband’s dismay.  Matt is a Ryan Callahan fan.  For the first time me and Matt are really, truly rooting against each other’s teams, and it’s actually kind of fun.

Matt doesn’t care enough about baseball to actively hate my Yankees, and I favor a few different football teams (and who really cares about his Jets anyway), but we both are Rangers fans, so we have always been cheering them on together. We’d still watch the Cup and have interest like any other year, but this season my favorite non-Ranger is against Matt’s favorite non-Ranger. And now it’s on. We have 2 different wagers going. Whoever’s team wins, the other person will have to treat the other to a surprise. I’m not sure what that will be, considering I don’t think I’ll be losing. The other wager is player based. Whoever’s favorite player has the most points at the end of the series wins. When I win, Matt has to do (and put away) the laundry for a month. If I lose, I’ll be loading the dishwasher without complaint for a month. So far Lightning is up 2 games to 1, but I’m guessing that’ll change tonight!

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