Happy Birthday, Maria!

I can always count on my sister Maria to be silly with me. We never get tired of obscure quotes, impersonations, and scenarios.

What seems random to most people (like why I called our 1st cat Loaf), makes sense to Maria (After all, she was named Olivia, which sounds like Liv, which sounds like Olive, and eeeeeew what’s that gross deli meat over there, Olive Loaf? We’ll just call her Loaf for short…)


People usually stare at us when we are laughing for seemingly no reason, but it’s not our fault they don’t know the likes of Pelinore

or Joanna Stayton.

My mom will yell at us for our random bouts. Usually it is at an inappropriate time, and my mom has tried to explain that it looks like we’re mocking or gossiping. But I swear, if we’ve ever made you feel this way, in all probability we were laughing at this:


or this (which was one of my birthday gifts to her)


Everyone needs someone who can make you laugh when you just want to cry. Luckily, that doesn’t happen often, but when it does I have my sisters to cheer me up again! Happy birthday Maria!

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