Getting Ready for Christmas & Some Sweet Treats from Pavonia Patisserie

All the cards are sent out, but one! Every year, I save one of my Christmas cards for myself, and after New Year’s I write about the major events of the year in the card.

This year's cards


I had the idea during our first Christmas. I was so excited about sending out Christmas cards. I thought our cards were so beautiful, and I wanted to save one for myself to remember our first married Christmas. I knew that after a year or two the mushy feeling I had for a piece of paper would fade, but not if I actually wrote my sentiments. After I unpack all the decorations, I re-read my old cards. I hope I can keep up with the tradition every year! This year, I will be writing about Matt’s 2 Awards (Yay!), 3rd published paper (Yay!) and the minor surgery I had last week (boooo).

All our old Christmas cards

I returned to work from surgery to find these two wonderful gifts from my co-workers on my desk. Meg gave me a new ecard page-a-day calendar to help keep me laughing. Erin left a box of yummy chocolates from Pavonia Patisserie. I got a box of “The Pie Collection.” They were all amazing, but my absolute favorite was the sweet potato truffle.

My co-workers are awesome :)

Amanda, the brains behind Pavonia Patisserie, has a talent for creating delicious truffles and treats. She attended culinary school, worked at Classic Cake, and apprenticed with Chef Bennett learning  his chocolate artistry, but I think the real talent for making sweets comes from the fact that she’s such a sweetheart. She hand makes all the chocolates using Cacao Barry couverture chocolate exclusively, and local ingredients whenever possible. I highly recommend ordering some of her chocolates here:

Laughter and chocolate cures all. I have pretty awesome co-workers!


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