Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I hope your holiday was as blessed as mine! This year I was very excited to host Christmas lunch at my house with Matt’s family. It was the first time in a long time that all his brothers and sisters were able to make Christmas. Unfortunately we didn’t even think to take any pictures until the end of the afternoon after Mindy left, so I poorly photo-shopped her into a picture.

My mom hosts Christmas dinner every year. If you read about our Italian picnics  or Thanksgiving dinner, you’d guess that Christmas dinner  is about 7 hours long and filled with food, presents, and dinner theater  (the kids singing Christmas carols between courses).

I was lucky enough to have the whole week between Christmas and New Years off and got to spend the time catching up with some of my friends. My ten year high school reunion (holy smokes) was over the break, and I got to see people I haven’t talked to (outside of Facebook) in years. It was so fun to see everyone and I hope we can manage to stay better in touch! I also met up with my team punctuation (who I owe my * name to), minus our !, so again, I poorly photo-shopped her in here.


We spent new years eve at my sisters house, where we karaoked and played heads up until 3 am to ring in the new year laughing. I never really make new years resolutions because I think they never really work. Every week I feel like I’m making a new goal to eat healthier or save more money or be more kind to people, so I guess those are my general all year resolutions. But I am mking a crafty resolution this year. I want to have a different wreath for each holiday and/or season for my front door. I love wreaths and think they are so welcoming, but I only put one up for Christmas.

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