Felt Button Pin to Jazz up my Coat

Oh how I love springtime! My first flowers started to bloom outside my house, and the smell is amazing!


Spring also means lighter colors and clothes. I can finally put away my thick winter jacket and pull out my pink pea coat. I love the bright color of my jacket, but I decided I needed something to jazz it up.


 Just last month, a JoAnne’s Fabric opened up right down the street from my house. Now there’s a Lowe’s, Target, Petco, and JoAnne’s in the same plaza which is directly across from a plaza with a Micheal’s and a DSW. Now I’ll always be broke.

I found these felt flower buttons at JoAnne’s. At first, I thought about sewing them onto the collar, but then I decided to make a pin instead so I could keep changing the style. I got the felt flowers in bright and earthy colors to make a spring pin and a fall pin.


This was super easy. I just layered the buttons how I liked and used hot glue to glue them all together. One I glued them and made them one unit, I glued the whole thing to a pin.

Now I have a spring pin


and I can use this coat again in the fall.


I can’t wait to think of some other uses for these cute felt buttons. Maybe some pillow, candle holder, or picture frame embellishments.  

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