Sweet Start to Spring

What a wonderful few weeks I’ve been having. I feel like every week has been crammed with  one happy blessing after another. For example, my niece Angelina was recently named the “Most Improved Student of the Year” at her intermediate school.


I am so proud of her. She works so hard and has come so far. To recognize the accomplishment, she and other “Most Improved” students from neighboring schools were recognized at the Lakewood Blueclaws stadium. Her fun didn’t end there, though.


Thanks to my dear friend Lisa (!), Angelina and her sister Jenna were able to be “Mini Manager’s” for the game.


They got to meet the coach, the players, and Roy White was visiting the stadium, so they met him too!


After their meet and greet, they opened the game shouting “play ball” to the crowd with the Blueclaws mascot, Buster.


A week later I had the greatest birthday ever. The day before my birthday, Matt successfully defended his dissertation.

Chatting up with the dean

After 6 years at Rutgers, he finally was able to show off all his hard work and research findings.

Congratulations, Matt!

His defense was interesting, insightful, and very well received.Yakoby Lab

He is now officially Dr. Matthew Gene Niepielko! I am so proud to be called his wife.Me and Dr. Cheese!

We celebrated that day with a bowling outing, and later that weekend at our town’s food festival.Food galore, and Mister Softie was there too!Angelina Getting Mister Softee

My birthday is close to my niece Olivia’s, so we had a joint celebration on Sunday.

Happy Birthday, Liv!

This past weekend, Matt’s cousin got married, and I sat behind the cutest groomsman ever!Cutest Groomsman EVER

We celebrated our beautiful mothers on Sunday, and we almost finished with our rock garden.


It was another fabulous weekend! This week, I’m planning my May wreath so I can keep that wreath resolution. Woohoo!

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