Another Summer in the Books

Summer is unofficially over. August really sped by, and not in a good “we’ve had so much fun we were so busy” way, but in a “we are taking this day by day” way. My family suffered more loss this year, and by the end of the month I felt like I needed to do something to cheer the kids up.  I went to the dollar store, stocked up on décor, and decided to throw the kids a luau. We made we subbed pulled pork for a pig roast, drank from pineapples, decorated the yard, and enjoyed the day in the pool. It wasn’t much, but it lifted their spirits a bit. I didn’t want summer to end on a low note, and I think it worked to distract them from the seriousness of life.

I’ve also been so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. My family threw me a Baby Sprinkle for Daisy. After such sadness, it was so nice to bring happiness back into our lives with the reminder that a new baby will be joining us soon. I felt so loved and blessed by everyone there. Everything was beautiful and perfect! In one week she is scheduled to come! I can’t wait to meet her and to hold her. A baby brings to the world hope for the future, that there is happiness in the world, and a reason to rejoice.


School started today for the big kids, and in exactly one week we are going to meet our Daisy. Life is about to change forever, but I know it will be for the better!


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