Matt’s Surprise Party: I pulled it off!

I did it! I am absolutely in the running for Wife of the Year! I pulled of the surprise graduation party for Matt! He never saw it coming; I must be sneakier than I thought. Matt insisted he didn’t want a party or anything special for his graduation, but earning his doctorate is such a huge accomplishment. I couldn’t just NOT celebrate!Image

I used my friends and my ceramics class as alibis when I made the banners and favors. I made Lets Go Rangers, Congratulations Doctor Niepielko, and Congrats Dr Matt Banners



Favors: Test tubes with M&M’s, Nerds and Smarties Candies, petri dishes with mints, “fly” test tube cookies, and rolo pretzel candies




I went with a whole science theme. Microscope and beaker centerpieces.



Flask accents





And because it was during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup, I threw in some Ranger decor also.


I never saw someone so surprised.


He was so amazed that so many people came just to celebrate for him. Matt is such a humble and modest person, the idea that other people would take the time out of their day to celebrate his accomplishments was the nicest surprise he had.


About 100 of our friends and family were there to celebrate, even during the game!


The game was supposed to be on, but something went wrong with the TVs in our banquet room, so people had to keep going out to the bar room and checking their phones.


I felt so bad and apologized to Matt for missing the game, but he thought the party was so much better anyway.


We did get to see the last period of the game at home, where we transplanted some of the party. The Rangers lost, but we still had a blast, and two weeks later Matt will still say he’s shocked it even happened!


In the meantime, there has been a lot of yard work going on at Castle Niepielko. I made my plant towers, started the garden, and we’re beginning the rock wall in the yard. It’s going to be a productive summer!


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